EIC Garden

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but the EIC here at work was tasked on managing the company garden this year. I don't really eat vegetables (that's why they make gummy vitamins, right?), so I don't have a ton of experience in gardening. The past couple of years I did have my own tiny garden at home (think less than 4'x4' off the corner of my patio) and I grew cucumbers and tomatoes, mostly just to see if I could. And I could. My whole INTJ personality thought process is all "Success. Move on to new task. No need to garden anymore." ... But, a job is a job, and I also really like to plan and manage things, so I'm choosing to look at this as an adventure. A way to be able to work outside for a while each week and get paid for it. A larger-scale challenge. This will be the best freaking garden EVERRRR!!! (Probs not, but I need some kind of ridiculous delusion of grandeur in my life.)

Anyway, I held an informational session to round up volunteers, and here is the poster I made to ensnare some victims (yeah... that didn't work out too well... apparently no one really reads my posters, they just like the pictures):

I was wearing a Jurassic World shirt the day I made this, so of course I needed to make that the (subtle?) theme. I love this font- it's called Phosphate. Then again, I love fonts in general, so the standard isn't really set that high.

Oh well! Guess I'll have a whole heck of a lot of gardening experience by this fall. I'm going to be making posters to hang in the garden, too, so I'll post those on here at some point or another.

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