Epic Harry Potter Surprise Party (Revisited)

Way back in 2015, my sister Valerie was turning 30 and my sister Allison was turning 21. Since their birthdays are only 5 days apart, I had no choice but to throw them an epic joint surprise party! It. Was. Freaking. Fantastic.

I spent an entire year planning and crafting and organizing without anyone (other than my bf & my mom) knowing anything. I love love love having a legitimate reason to craft things! Now if only there was a high-paying job out there for "Epic Harry Potter Party Planner". I'd rock at that. Oh well!

Pretty much everything you see in the photos below was handmade. (Seriously, it really took a whole year.) My mom made all the feast food (I made all the desserts), but I created everything else!

There were still so many things I didn't have time for... or forgot to display at the party :( ... but it still turned out totally wonderful!

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