Holy Moly, It's Been 4 Months

Ah, the life of an artist. Not quite as glamorous as I dreamt... but not too shabby, either! In my absence, I have created a series of prints available on Etsy of some of my favorite hymns. I also had one of each printed for our craft shows (which my sisters and I have participated in twice, so far). Here's a picture from our first event:

Though we had tons of fun selling our stuff, I think we had way more fun making it all! We were super pleased with our results, considering we had no clue what to expect, or to prepare for. It was pretty cool - we were even asked by a couple of people where our actual shop was, so they could see more of our work!

We would love to participate in more shows soon, maybe once we can get back in the groove of everyday life, post holidays. Why is it that always seems to take so long? :P

Anyway, I'll be posting a couple other updates of the last few months soon.


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