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My sisters and I are setting up a table at a local craft show in a few weeks, so we decided it was time to officially set up our Etsy store, too! We will be adding our miscellaneous arts and crafts to our store over the coming weeks, so check back frequently to see what we've been working on.

If you're curious as to why we chose the name "Tied Up With String" for our shop or a little more about the three of us, here is a blurb from our "About" section on our Etsy page:

Tied Up With String is obviously a line from "My Favorite Things", and this was a perfect shop name for us on a few different levels. We grew up constantly creating things- our mom was the best at coming up with awesome arts and crafts projects for us to do- so creating is definitely one of our favorite things. Our last name is (or was) Brown, so the line in the song "brown paper packages" popped in our heads... but that seemed too vague and, well, brown... but "tied up with string" just seemed like a ideal fit. ("That's exactly the word we used, too - ideal... we said 'Isn't it ideal, absolutely, ideal,' didn't we?") We each have different talents when it comes to creating lovely things, and the three of us combined offer a little bit of everything!

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