Many moons ago...

...I started this website.

So, it seems I'm terrible about updating my blog (obviously).

Since I could've birthed a child* since my last post, there's a ton to catch up on. (*I didn't, so that's probably not a good point of reference, but it's the middle of the night and my brain isn't operating at full capacity and I couldn't think of any other clever way to convey a time period of 9ish months.)

First, I created and am maintaining the website and blog for my church. I try to update the blog on Mondays and Fridays (when I remember). Check it out here:

Second, I started a new job in June! I was heartbroken to leave Burnt Chimney Elementary, but now I actually have a job in a field related to my degree. I'm a Graphic Designer/Production Artist at Trinity Packaging Corp, designing (wait for it...) packaging! Exciting stuff, I know.

Third, I'm the church clerk now; 2017 is our Centennial, so I've been super busy planning a myriad of epic events to take place throughout next year. I'll share more details when the time comes.

I suppose that is a sufficient update for now. Check back in a month or two and maybe I'll have updated again. ;)

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