Busy, busy bee

Over the Christmas Break from school, my sister Valerie talked me into hosting a "paint night" of sorts at her house for a few of the teachers at school. Talk about pressure! I'm so awkward at explaining things, I was terribly nervous! And to lead a group of teachers? They're professional explainers!

I knew they were interested in painting a Nativity scene, so my first step was to decide what style would be best for our audience. After lots of time on Pinterest, I narrowed it down to a handful of ideas and pulled bits and pieces from serveral different sources.

Since I had never led this type of project, Valerie let me walk her through the painting, step by step, where neither of us could see the other's painting. She was awesome at giving helpful hints and letting me know how to word things to make more sense... but, she is a teacher, so I shouldn't be surprised!

Anyway, everything went as smooth as I could've hoped, and even though it was super stressful, I think I would be interested in leading another group in the future.

Here is my painting:

And here are the finished paintings from the ladies in attendance:

Not too shabby! I think everyone did an awesome job!

What do you think?

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